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Warning Signs That Your Windows Are Costing You Money

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The worst time to find out that you need new windows or major repairs is during the colder months of the year, as this is the time your home needs protecting the most from the cold – as well as from intruders. You can put off having them upgraded but it may cost you more money in the long run with rising energy bills or storm damage.

There are two main categories to assess when it comes to spotting signs that your windows are costing you money. The first is temperature. If you sit near your windows can you feel the cold more than anywhere else in the room? If the answer is yes then your windows are failing, they can no longer hold the warm air in or keep the cold air at bay. There are many reasons for this; it could be that the sealant around the edge of your double glazed windows has deteriorated or there are gaps that you cannot see where the window is fitted inside of its casing.

When you see excessive condensation or frost on the inside of your windows it is another example of your home being compromised. The temperature of the glass has dropped lower than the temperature of the room. This means there is a leakage somewhere around your windows, usually around the base, and until this is fixed you will see a constant build up. Of course, if your windows are considered to be too old or have deteriorated too much then they will need to be fully replaced.

In bathrooms, the issue of condensation on your windows can be reduced by using a ventilator. This will take away the majority of foggy air and exhaust it outside so that you don’t constantly have wet windows.

The second sub-category is general damage. Every home is subject to wear and tear, especially if you have a family. Your joints inside and out need to be in good condition, and any rotting or deterioration of structure will undoubtedly come back to haunt you if left unchecked. The same goes for any broken or loose panes of glass; this could have happened over time under strain of outside conditions or from the wayward football kicked by your children.

Have you tried to open your windows recently? The answer is probably not; you might only consider this during the summer months but if your windows jam or won’t shut properly then this will create problems when the cold hits. You don’t want drafts as this will make your heating work harder and bump up your energy bills. Rain also falls into this category, as water will find its way through even the smallest cracks or gaps, so even if you can’t see the gaps in the window they might still be there. The first you’ll know about it is when you have a soggy carpet or damp walls.

Clearly the best way to prevent these things from happening in your home is to have them checked over by a professional before the weather conditions get any worse. Here at Windows Direct we can evaluate your windows and help you protect your home from the elements, either by replacing them completely or by providing maintenance to shore up your defences.

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