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Which type of conservatory is best for you?

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There’s no better time to enjoy the benefits of a conservatory than during the British summer. There is, however, a subtle difference between a sunroom and a full conservatory and, depending on what option you choose, there will be differences with regard to cost. Planning permission may be required, and certain building regulations may also need to be adhered to.
When choosing to have a conservatory built you will need to decide on the specific type of conservatory that you want and whether it will complement your home. There are a wide range of conservatory designs to choose from, which can range from a period style to something much more modern. While uPVC conservatories, for instance, can consist of many different styles.

Edwardian and Victorian Conservatories
Consisting of steep-sided roofs, the Edwardian and gable type of conservatory is designed to let in a lot of light. The steep sides also help to give more height in its centre. A lantern conservatory, also known as a Victorian conservatory because of its 19th Century origins, is a two-tiered conservatory. This type of conservatory is given greater height because of its lantern design, which sees the second and smaller tier on top of the wider first tier.

T and P-Shaped Conservatories
Though conservatories are often thought of as having a square or rectangular design, there is the option of having a T-shaped or P-shaped conservatory. Deciding on what you intend to use your conservatory for will make it easier to determine the most suitable size and shape. As an example, a conservatory can be used as a dining area, and you can decide on how big the room needs to be by the maximum amount of people you’d expect to use it.

Conservatory Frames
Conservatory frames are available in various types of material. Bespoke companies may also offer frames that are designed to reduce maintenance, with outside frames being made of aluminium and inside frames made of wood.


Types of Roof
When choosing a plastic roof for your conservatory, polycarbonate sheeting is the most popular type of material. When opting for a glass roof, the glass you choose should be toughened and should limit how much heat goes in and out. It’s advisable to have a roof with a 25 degree slope, because it will stay cleaner than a shallower pitch.

The Lighting
When deciding that your conservatory will be used in the evening, soft lighting is the best option. Spotlights and table lamps are two types of lighting that will be appropriate ways of lighting up your conservatory after dark.

The Best Type of Glass for Your Conservatory
When a conservatory has glass of a high quality, heating costs will be reduced because the conservatory will retain its heat and be usable throughout the year. Specialist safety glass and double glazing can help to ensure that a conservatory doesn’t overheat, and laminated glass should be selected for security and to limit the strength of the sun’s rays.

Any conservatory should be protected via high standard locks and have panes that can’t be removed from their frames.

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