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Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing

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Due to its obvious benefits and evermore affordable price, double glazing has become a staple fixture in our homes and workplaces. With two panes placed either side of either compressed air or other gases (often argon, krypton or xenon), both heat and sound cannot easily pass from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

Where single glazed panes are responsible for up to 60% of the total energy loss from a building, double glazing cuts this figure considerably, reducing both your bills and your carbon emissions by lowering the amount of heat escaping through your windows (measured in U values).

In recent years, advances in glazing technology have seen the development of triple glazing, mostly brought in to aid the extreme cold climates of Canada and Scandinavia. Indeed, Norway has even declared new legislation that forces all new builds to incorporate triple glazing by 2016 as a step towards energy saving and green targets. The extra layer of glazing adds another third of the total insulating properties of a home, proving its superior efficacy when it comes to preventing heat loss.

But what are the main advantages of double glazing vs. triple glazing? And which is the correct choice for you?

Double Glazing

Despite the obvious benefits of double glazing, many homes throughout the country still have single paned windows, suffering the high heating bills and draughty rooms that come from this. Not only does double glazing improve heat insulation as mentioned above, it also has other advantages. For example, in a warm room with double glazed windows, the inner pane will be sufficiently warm that if any moist air comes into contact with it, no condensation will form.

Surprisingly, there are also pros to choosing double glazing over triple glazing. With one less layer between your room and the outside world, the amount of natural light that can enter is slightly greater with double glazing.

Price is also a factor, as triple glazing generally comes at a far higher cost, which could have an adverse effect on your budget over a number of windows.

Triple Glazing

In line with targets for carbon neutral homes, triple glazing offers significantly reduced U values – a third more than double glazing. This, coupled with the added security and future-proof nature of the windows, will add extra monetary value to your home when you come to resell.

Upgrades and alterations can be easily made to triple glazing, with treatments available to improve their heat and sound insulating properties, and the windows can be fitted as part of a larger low-energy build project.

Triple glazing isn’t completely without its faults, however. The extra weight of the additional layer of glass makes them unsuitable for some window locations – particularly with patio doors and skylights. As mentioned above, the price mark-up from double to triple glazing could cause issues – not only in the upfront cost, but also when it comes to thermal upgrades and modifications.

Windows Direct London

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