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Top 3 Window Cleaning Gadgets

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When it comes to cleaning windows, some people prefer to cut back on the expense and do it themselves. Yet you may have underestimated how difficult this can be and soon realise that there seems to be an art in getting your windows squeaky clean.

Well we have the answer: info about 3 of the best window cleaning gadgets that can help make your life easier and keep your windows looking sparkly and shiny!

1)      Window Vacuums

The window vacuum provides an innovative, reliable way to clean your windows, freeing them of streaks and smears that can be stubborn to remove.

Firstly, you spray the detergent and wipe over the surface of the window, then you simply glide the vacuum over the window area. Do this at a slow pace, so you can give the vacuum enough time to suck up all the dirt from the excess water and get the best results.                                                          

This handheld device is battery powered, so no cables can get in the way of your cleaning – making it ideal for cleaning not just windows, but surfaces such as tiles, mirrors and those hard to reach places.

2)      Magnetic Window Cleaners

The magnetic window cleaner is a sleek way to clean your windows spotlessly on both the inside and outside. All that’s required is to prepare the sponges so they’re soaked with detergent and foamed up ready to go, then place one half on either side of the window pane and you’re good to go.

Simply clean your windows from one side and the other half will move with the magnet keeping them connected, so the outside gets cleaned at the same time. This saves you the hassle of having to climb ladders in order to reach the higher windows in your house.

3)      Water-fed cleaning poles

If you struggle to keep your conservatory windows clean, or those windows high up at the top of the house, then the water-fed cleaning pole could be the answer to your problems. This invention allows you to run an extended pole to all your windows, including those on the top storey of your premises.

You can thoroughly clean the window and surrounding frame until you are happy with the results. You’ll see how much dirt it removes by the contents on the brush, so it’s important to remember to change the brush in order to avoid smearing dirt over your clean windows.

They’re also ideal for those who don’t want to use too much water to get the job done and for those who live in areas that have the hose pipe ban, as the coils have proven to use less water per minute than a hose pipe.

All these window cleaning gadgets are suitable for both single and double glazed windows, as well mirrors, doors, tiled floors and any other glass surfaces. So if you struggle to keep the smears and smudges at bay then give our top 3 gadgets a go and see the results for yourself.

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