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Tips for Brightening up your Conservatory

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Conservatories are a great way to increase both the value and square footage of your home, providing you with a light and airy space for use as an extra living area.

The whole idea of a conservatory is that it’s an enjoyable place to spend your time, whether taking in the late evening sun or using it as a spacious dining room when entertaining friends. For this reason, it’s worth keeping it looking good and desirable as an area of your home that you want to use regularly.

Here are a few ideas for brightening up a tired looking conservatory…

Curtains & Blinds

The windows in your conservatory are on of its best features, so accentuate them with the addition of some stylish curtains or blinds. Plush fabrics can help to create a warm, homely feel in the colder months, while specialised conservatory blinds will help you to take advantage of the summer sun. Slatted models, such as Venetian blinds, allow you to control the amount of light filtering through your window – ideal for when the sun is low during winter – and these can even be automated so that you don’t even have to leave your chair to operate them.

Soft Furnishings

It may sound basic, but just changing the cushions, throws, rugs and other soft furnishings in your conservatory can make it feel like a whole new room. The UV rays from direct sunlight can cause fabrics to fade over time, so even if you just replace the throw on a sofa of the cushion covers on your favourite chair, this can make all the difference without having to break the bank.

Doors and French Windows

Assuming it doesn’t do so already, opening your conservatory up with stylish French windows can give you easy access to your back garden, turning your conservatory into a sun house in the summer and letting in plenty of fresh air and light.

Having the option to open doors and windows during the summer will stop your conservatory from becoming stuffy and unpleasant, making it a far nice environment to spend those long evenings.

Spring Cleaning

If nothing else, giving your conservatory a deep clean as the days begin to get warmer will encourage you to spend more time in there. Dust, vacuum and remove furniture covers to wash. Pay particular attention to your windows and roof, as these are crucial for ensuring that plenty of natural light enters your conservatory. Give them a sparkling clean, and consider calling in professionals if you want the job done to the highest quality.

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