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Three window products to watch in 2016

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With new innovations in window technology being continually created, there are many things to look out for which will soon be coming into the market. In our ever-changing economy and with our unpredictable climate, window technology can really mean the difference between extortionate and reasonable energy bills. With predictions flying around about what will be the ‘hottest’ product in window technology this year, here we run through what we believe will be big in the upcoming months:


Aluminium windows

Aluminium has risen in popularity alongside the more standard PVCu, which has dominated much of the market to date, with homeowners favouring it for use in bi-folding and sliding doors. During 2016, we predict that the popularity of aluminium windows will rocket, with these modern designs coming into their own, not only in commercial and industrial properties, but also the residential sector.


Skylights/lantern roofs


modern attic apartment

modern attic apartment

People everywhere are cottoning on to this fantastic product, with those companies creating and providing them experiencing serious competition with one another. On top of the already existing skylights and lantern roofs, these products themselves are likely to diversify, with innovation in creating timber, aluminium and PVCu mixes for these window technologies, creating effective new products that will benefit properties of a variety of types.


Triple glazing

The general price of triple glazing has reduced dramatically, something which is bound to see this solution improving leaps and bounds in popularity. Indeed, some companies are even creating discounts as low as the price of double glazing to help reel in yet more custom. The question remains of whether our climate is extreme enough to really need triple glazing, but this is not something that will necessarily stop the spread of this solution, especially as it can be installed in people’s homes without breaking the bank or, indeed, costing any more than the more standard double glazing.

With these predictions, it looks set to be an exciting year ahead for window technology innovation, with further improvements becoming available for properties of industrial, commercial and residential types.


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