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A Thorough Spring Clean Checklist

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Now that the cold, frosty mornings and dark evenings of winter are starting to disappear, many of us are embarking on those little jobs that get put off until the sunnier months. From DIY to redecorating; gardening to garage clear outs, something about the onset of warmer temperatures sparks us all in to action.

Perhaps the most common task performed around this time is the infamous spring clean. Whether it’s just a general dust and polish, or a full-scale deep clean, carrying out a bit of housekeeping at this time of year does wonders for the spirit.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for going outside of the general regular house cleaning approach to ensure that your spring clean is a successful one…

  • Let the Outside In

Don’t take this too literally and start inviting strangers into your home, but throwing open your windows and giving your house a good airing out will go a long way towards blowing away the cobwebs of winter. Open windows throughout the home, from the bedroom to living room; the kitchen to the bathroom, and leave them open for a couple of hours (be sure to remember to close them if you go out!).

Encourage the sunlight inside by giving your windows a good clean too, inside and out, and pay some attention to your frames with a new lick of paint if needed.

  • Wash Soft Furnishings

You’d be amazed at how much brighter your home will feel (and how much fresher it will smell) by simply putting all sofa and cushion covers into the wash. Your window dressings, too, whether curtains or fabric blinds, will benefit greatly from a good go round in the washing machine. Be sure to remove any fittings or fixtures before washing, and any slatted wooden or aluminium Venetian blinds can simply be given a good going over with a duster and damp cloth.

  • Kitchen Clean

The central focus of your home changes from your cosy living room or bedroom in the winter into your bright and airy kitchen in the summer, so pay some attention to this room. Take everything out of the cupboards, both food and kitchen utensils, give the cabinets a deep clean on the inside, and put everything back in a neat and ordered fashion.

Kitchen windows will be especially susceptible to the grime and grease of cooking oil and spills, so pay particular attention to them when cleaning.

If you can stomach it, tackle your oven and microwave, and clear out all the food hidden away at the back of your fridge.

  •  Pay Attention Outside

Give your garden a bit of love and you will immediately feel the benefits. Trim back hedges, pull up weeds and give any patios or concrete areas a thorough sweeping. Give the exterior of your front and back doors a good wash, so that your clean house feel will start the minute you arrive back home, and plant some herbs or vegetables if you’re feeling adventurous.

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