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Smart new window technologies

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With ever-advancing technologies in many modern industries, the window industry is no exception with smart new window technologies coming about every day. Since modern societies are rarely without their smartphones, it seems fitting to operate new technologies around the home using these instruments; allowing for total convenience in and around the home. Here, we list some of the most innovative additions to the window industry that have come about in recent years:

Power windows

There are now windows which double as solar generators; an extremely innovative movement towards making homes more environmentally friendly and lowering bills. These pieces of technology are sprayed with electricity-generating coating to enable them to collect power from the sun, as well as any lights within the home – fluorescent or LED.

No more fog

If you wish to switch easily between see-through and opaque-but-translucent windows, there is now a way of doing so as and when it suits you. With wifi-enabled window film, homeowners can use their smartphones to simply switch between these two types of exposure. The film is available from Sonte Film, from just $299.

Opening on command

For total control of window blinds throughout your home, there is now a device that allows you to make these adjustments through your smartphone. Either adjusting at your command, or automatically through the programming of “scenes” for particular functions – whether you wish for light or dark conditions. For example, for the viewing of movies and for added privacy, the blinds can be set to roll down, whilst they could open again at dawn to help you rise in the morning and keep your house warmer by letting the sun stream in to help save energy on heating bills. This technology is available from Hunter Douglas Platinum, at $325 for the startup.

Keep the sun out

If you are keen to keep the sun out of a particular room in your home, there is now a technology to do so. 3M’s Prestige Window Film lets 40-70 percent of natural light into your home, whilst blocking up to 97 percent of infrared, 99.9 percent of UV and 60 percent of heat. By doing this, temperatures are kept consistent throughout your home as well as reducing glare on your TV and other screens. Available from £M, $10-15 per square foot.

Here at Windows Direct London, we know how important the right set of blinds can be in keeping the light and temperature levels of your home right for you. This is why we are committed to ensuring all blinds we supply are of only the highest quality, and all at a great price. For more information on any of our blinds, simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we’re happy to help with any enquiry.


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