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Smart lock device and app to replace front door locks and keys

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The age-old problem of losing one’s front-door keys is one which plights homeowners the world over. Now, however, thanks to recent development in the app world there is the possibility for an app which controls your entry into your property at the touch of a button, meaning keys are no longer a necessity.

August are a company who produce these Smart Locks; the devices using a digital lock and access system. Revolutionising homeowners’ lives, the system has been highly commended, praised for its safe, simple and ‘social’ characteristics as a new approach to home entry. Though the system can also function with a physical key, it comes into its own for those occasions where you do not have a key available.


How does it work?

The device relies on Bluetooth to connect with your phone, which allows you to gain access to the property. Since no physical key is required, the access works through the use of this virtual key; something which can be used by not only the homeowner, but anyone they nominate to gain access to their property. The virtual key can be sent to anyone’s mobile device to allow that person to have access to the property in question.


Where can I buy it?

The device by August is on sale in Apple and the App Store in the USA at present. There are a number of other ones available on the market, with August’s competitors including the likes of Sesame, whose system works by fitting over the deadbolt latch at the homes in which it is installed where it recognises the owner’s phone approaching, and Goji which has a built-in camera, sending pictures of visitors to the homeowner’s phone.


A threat to safety?

These devices hold a number of benefits, making access easier for homeowners and their various visitors, there are also potential safety issues encompassed in the introduction of this technology.

August, however, claim they use communications technology as secure as the types used for online banking, allowing solely invited guests to gain access to properties. Any lost or stolen phones will have their access authorisation revoked online in a quick and easy step, so there is no real threat to safety; simply convenience and innovation at your fingertips.
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