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How to save up to £50 a year by draught-proofing your home

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We all want to be able to lower our their bills this winter, so it is worth noting that there is one very simple way to knock £50 a year off your home’s costs; draught-proofing your property. Many homeowners may be unaware of areas in their properties through which heat is escaping and cold is coming in, and by doing a simple check to work out where the draughts are coming from, there’s no need to feel the cold – and the effects on your bank balance – any longer!

Where to look

There are various areas in a property through which heat may be escaping and draughts making their way in unbeknownst to you, the homeowner. Inspect your house for unwanted gaps and openings to the outside which may have been left uncovered. Examples of this include:

  • windows
  • loft hatches
  • cracks in walls or floors
  • pipework leading to the outdoors
  • chimneys and fireplaces
  • keyholes and door

Of course, it is important to not entirely seal the building, as all properties need a little ventilation throughout them in order to prevent damp and subsequent issues of mould. For rooms in which moisture is produced, such as the kitchen and bathroom, ensure adequate ventilation, perhaps by installing vents that can be adjusted accordingly with the outdoor temperature and conditions.

Do it yourself, or hire an installer

With the decision to draught-proof your home comes the decision of whether to do the work yourself, or hire a professional installer to come and do the job for you. For those with the time on their hands, there are a number of simple actions to take which can improve the draught-proofing in your property, and for these instances homeowners can carry out the work themselves.

However, in the case of more complex draught-proofing options for properties needing serious work carrying out, it can make sense to hire an installer to come and carry out the project. Though an upfront cost today of, on average, between £200 and £400, the work they can carry out could save homeowners a lot of money through bills and further installations in the future.

Quick and cheap options for preventing draughts

Once you have identified the source of the draught, there are a number of simple routes you can take to keep the cold out.

  • If the draught is coming in under the door or at the bottom of a sash or other type of window, invest in a draught excluder which insulates through covering any cracks in the fixture through which cold air is coming in.
  • Similarly, a brush seal fits comfortably around your door, and only sets you back between £5 and £10 for a whole set that will last years.
  • Letterbox plates provide an innovative solution for properties which experience draughts through their letterboxes, covering the hatch without limiting the letterbox’s function, thus keeping the outside separated from within your property.
  • Go to your local DIY store, and pick up products to fill any gaps in pipework at your property – they are reasonably priced and easy to apply, allowing you to carry out the work yourself.

More permanent options for preventing draughts

There are some more permanent options which, though more expensive in the short-term, could well save you money in the long term both on bills and by reducing the need for future continual installations of shorter-term solutions.

  • Replacing windows, or getting double glazing for your existing windows is an extremely effective way of draught-proofing any property since windows are one of the main ‘culprits’ for draughts.
  • Have a cap fitted over your chimney pot to exclude unwanted draughts from their down through your fireplace and into your home.
  • Consider having any old floorboards and skirting boards replaced with new ones that do not feature gaps through which cold air can creep into your property.
  • Fan outlets can be bricked or concreted over, and subsequently sealed to totally eradicate the flow of air through them if they are doing more harm than good.

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