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Questions to ask before you build a conservatory

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Modern Sunroom or conservatory extending into the garden, surrounded by a block paved patio

Modern Sunroom or conservatory extending into the garden, surrounded by a block paved patio

Conservatories are a fantastic addition to a variety of properties, providing a light and bright environment for year-round enjoyment. For anyone who is considering building a conservatory at their property, there are various things to take into account when deciding which style to opt for. Here, we note the top questions to ask yourself before you build your conservatory:

What will you use the conservatory for?

The first thing to take into consideration is what the purpose of the conservatory will be at your property. For some, a conservatory may merely be a space to sit and relax in summer and even through the winter months with heaters and cosy blankets. Alternatively, some may wish to use a conservatory to grow plants in, acting as a greenhouse and bringing the outdoors in. These decisions will inform how large the conservatory should be, its layout and its overall design.

What style would suit my property?

p-shaped-conservatories-sidebarIndeed depending on the purpose of the conservatory, you can next begin to think about which style would look best at your property. Conservatories, if the wrong style is chosen for your property, can be an eyesore and can infringe not only on your house’s style but the aesthetic quality of your street as a whole. From colour and material to overall style, there are various options which can be tailored to your property’s existing style, fitting with a variety of eras and overall looks.

How are we going to heat the space?

Conservatories, though incredibly warm in the hot months of summer, can become incredibly cold during the colder seasons. For the cold months of Autumn and Winter, property owners wishing to still benefit from and use their conservatories should consider how they are planning to heat them and whether to consider blinds or curtains which may help retain heat within the spaces.

Do I need planning permission?

Abstract architecture floor plan, with space for texting

When considering any addition to your property’s existing structure, you must always take the consideration of planning permission into account. In the majority of cases, planning permission will not be required, but there are some exceptions. If your conservatory will cover more than half of the land area around your property, or if the conservatory will be higher than your roof’s highest part, you will need planning permission.

Here at Windows Direct London, we are aware of just what a difference a high quality, attractive conservatory can make to your property both in terms of look and feel as well as value. This is why we are committed to ensuring every conservatory we provide and fit is of the highest quality. For more information on our conservatories, or any of the other windows and solutions we supply, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we’re happy to help with any enquiry.

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