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Planning Permission for Replacement Windows and Doors

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If you’re looking to replace the windows or doors in your home or workplace, you may be wondering whether there are any rules or regulations you need to comply with. Whilst you may require planning permission for some home improvements, replacing your windows and doors does not typically require permission from your local authority.

Building Regulations

Planning permission is not always necessary for new windows or doors, however they must comply with Building Regulations which were put in place in 2002, and updated again in 2010. These regulations are in place to ensure energy loss is reduced in the home, helping to improve every home’s thermal efficiency and thus have a more positive impact on the environment.

If you want to sell your property, you must produce evidence that any glazing installed after 2002 is in compliance with Building Regulations. This evidence can be obtained via a certified FENSA installer, or a certificate from the local authority.


The FENSA scheme was established by the Glass and Glazing Federation, and meets central Government approval to allow certified window and door installers to self-certify their work as in line with Building Regulations.

At Windows Direct, all of our installers are FENSA certified, meaning that every installation we carry out is done to a high standard and in adherence with all necessary regulations.

Getting approval

If you require evidence that your window or door replacements meet Building Regulations, simply ask your certified FENSA installer. We can complete an application form on your behalf, or alternatively, you may contact your local authority directly for a certificate.

If you use a company that is not certified with FENSA to install your windows, you will have to contact the Local Authority Building Control for approval, which may incur additional charges.

Is double glazing necessary?

Yes, your windows must be double glazed to ensure they give reasonable thermal insulation. The exception is if your building is a historic building and planning legislation dictates the windows must be replaced to exactly match the existing ones.

What happens if my windows don’t comply with Building Regulations?

The person carrying out the work on your windows or door can be fined if they have not followed building regulations. You may also have to pay for the work to be fixed, and could risk not being able to sell your home without the proper documentation.


Having your windows professionally installed to meet all required Building Regulations couldn’t be easier with Windows Direct. Our FENSA-certified team will ensure your windows are up to spec, and will provide you with the necessary certification to prove this.

If you’d like to find out more, simply contact our team today. We’re always happy to provide any further advice to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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