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Improve your Home Security this Winter

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Though we may think more burglaries take place in the summer, this isn’t the case. While doors and windows won’t tend to be left open so often in the cooler months, properties are likely to be left unoccupied at some point during the winter – especially around the Christmas period. Whether it’s attending a Halloween party, celebrating Bonfire Night, or visiting loved ones over the holidays, there may be a number of occasions when your property is vulnerable to intruders.

The darker nights will, on average, see a 20% increase in domestic burglaries. Because the last few months of the year can be particularly hectic, it’s not unsurprising that home security issues are sometimes forgotten about. Burglaries in England and Wales rose in July and August of 2014 to 34,613, compared to 33,626 burglaries for the same period in 2013. This would indicate that there’s a very real prospect that the figures for the autumn and winter of 2014 will also see a seasonal rise on last year.

Protecting Your Garden From Potential Intruders

A good place to start when looking at home security is in the garden. Broken gates and fences, for instance, will seem like an open invitation to anyone with designs on breaking into your property. Tools should also be kept out of sight, as these might be used during a break in, or provide an incentive for it in the first place.

Sheds and garages should be kept secure, via the installation of a quality lock. A professional locksmith can offer helpful advice as to whether or not the current locks you have in place in your home are suitable.

Reducing The Chances Of A Burglary In Your Home

Check that an intruder won’t be able to easily enter your home through a conservatory or garage. Look also for any areas in your home that a burglar may be able to take advantage of, notably doors and windows that show signs of damage. If a window or is in need of repair, then this should be done as soon as possible.

Single glazed windows in older, wooden frames are particularly vulnerable, and an upgrade to double glazed, uPVC double glazed windows should be seriously considered.

Even leaving a door or window open to go out for a few minutes can be enough time for an intruder to take items from your home. Many intruders will enter a property without needing to break in, often because the front door hasn’t been locked properly.

There’s a lot you can do to deter intruders just by recognising the need to be careful. Doors, windows and gates should all be shut or locked, and things like keys should never be left in a door, or lying around so that they can be seen by a stranger.

Different Ways That You Can Make Your Home More Secure

When you’re not at home, you can give the impression that you are to put off opportunists attempting to enter your property. The ways that you can do this range from leaving the radio on, to utilising light timers. Also consider having CCTV cameras, sensor lighting, and alarms installed. Becoming knowledgeable about security issues will also help you, when it comes to selecting the most appropriate security solutions for your property.

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