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How to keep your conservatory warm in winter

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Conservatories, though a delightful space for staying cool and open to the elements during the summer months, can become cold and unwelcoming when the season changes and temperatures drop. Many people choose not to inhabit their conservatories during winter, but here we explain why this does not have to be the case and how, instead, you can keep your conservatory warm, cosy and welcoming.


The nature of conservatories being made primarily of glass means that, by proxy, they will naturally be worse at retaining heat than rooms with brick walls as opposed to glass ones. There are, however, ways of retaining the heat using the right glazing. Modern conservatories using double or triple glazing tend to fare much better in retaining the heat than older, single glazing does.

Get rid of draughts

An obvious, easy way to keep the space warm is to make sure all draughts are isolated and eliminated using draught excluders, infilling materials and techniques, or even a good set of curtains or blinds. By doing this, not only will cold air be unable to get into the room, but it will improve efficiency, stopping heat from escaping.

Good flooring

Most heat rises and will exit the conservatory through the glass windows, but it should be noted that heat can also escape through poorly fitted, badly maintained floors. Whether they have cracks or are simply an ineffective material for insulation, having the wrong floor in your conservatory can seriously contribute to their chilly feel – why not buy a rug or invest in some carpeting to reduce the effects of this problem.

Heating your conservatory

There are a number of ways to use power from your home to heat the room as well. These can include use of:

  • a radiator
  • a stand alone fan heater
  • an underfloor heating system

Though these options do, of course, create household bills, they are great solutions for heating the room quickly should you be entertaining over the Christmas period or using the room for anything over the cold winter months.


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