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How to design the perfect conservatory

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If you are considering building a conservatory at your home, there are some key factors and considerations to take into account that can help direct the process and leave you with a perfect conservatory that “fits the bill” for your property. Here, we offer some of those considerations to those thinking of adding a conservatory to their home.


The right look and feel for your conservatory’s design is an obvious factor to take into account when it comes to building the space up from scratch. It is important to choose a style of architecture and furnishing that will not only echo your home’s existing style and period, but create a seamless flow from your existing property into it. The construction of the space, its furnishing, colour schemes and any decorative pieces all play a part in creating the ideal space for your home.


victorian-conservatories-sidebarAn obvious factor in how your conservatory is to be designed, the use you will have for your space plays a key role in its design. Consider whether you will be using the space as a living area, a greenhouse for plants, or for something entirely different, as all of these uses can demand different design aspects from your space. Consider not only the layout, but the proportions of your new conservatory, and how well it will fit in with the objectives you have in mind for the space.

Ventilation and heating

In order to maintain a comfortable, ventilated atmosphere, your ventilation system must be appropriate. Equally, to ensure the space is warm enough, it is vital that you have adequate heating measures for your conservatory. Both the factors of ventilation and heating have large parts to play in the upkeep and overall quality of your conservatory, as well as how pleasant it is as a living area for you and your family members.


The right glass plays a vital part in maintaining the effect required of your new conservatory. Depending on what it’s being used for, glass can alter the success of the space in its primary function. Different glass can be used to target different requirements, such as some glass which retains heat better, or other types that may allow a better stream of light into your conservatory.

Planning regulations

Though most conservatories are within allowed development rights provided the height and size regulations are met, in some conservation areas or World Heritage sites, there are different, further conditions to take into account. It is important to always check that you have full permission to go ahead with your planned development before beginning the procedure.


Here at Windows Direct London, we are proud to provide a fully comprehensive service, offering the manufacture, supply and installation of a wide range of conservatories. Whatever the requirements you have for your home, we will be able to install the perfect conservatory for you at a competitive price. For more information, simply give us a call today and let our friendly team help find the right solution for you.

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