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How to build a conservatory base

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When installing a conservatory at a property, it needs a base that is correctly installed to ensure the foundations of the structure are secure. Here, we run through the process of preparing the base ready for a new conservatory to be installed, listing each step involved.


Mark out the area and shape

The first stage is to mark out the area upon which the conservatory will be built, adhering to the shape that the foundation needs to be for the build.

Fill the foundation with concrete

Next, concrete the foundation to the correct height, levelling it around the edges to ensure an easy process when you are building your brickwork. Use timber pegs around the outsides to ensure the level surface of the concrete, using these as a guide when pouring the concrete. Ensure all tools, as well as the ground itself, is washed down afterwards to ensure any traces of cement in the concrete are removed so as not to create stains once the concrete has set.

Build up to the damp course

Build your structure’s brickwork up to the damp course of your foundation. This will allow you to get your conservatory floor level. Next, lay clean hardcore below the top of the brickwork, cut the underfloor insulation to shape and, then, lay it in position.

Put down visqueen sheeting

Lay visqueen sheeting down over the top of the floor insulation, covering the entire area including the brickwork in case the next part of the concreting process splashes the new brickwork.

Concrete the floor

Concrete over the entire area, ensuring you do so in a level and flat way. To help achieve this, you should use a piece of timber or aluminium as a screeding rail.

Construct the brickwork

Build the brickwork up around the concrete to the relevant height, including the internal brickwork. Plumb on all the corners, and finally lay the conservatory cill atop the new brickwork to ensure the shape is correctly measured and built.


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