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Give your Home Curb Appeal

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Whether for the purposes of adding value to your home or simply keeping up with the neighbours, creating a touch of curb appeal for your property is never a bad thing. With the weather turning warmer and the days growing longer, now is the best time to produce an attractive space outside the front of your house.

The first impression that people get of your home comes from its initial exterior, so ensuring that it is in optimum condition gives you the best chance possible of increasing its value and making a sale.

There are a number of ways of achieving curb appeal. Here are just a few to get you started…

Plant Life

Taking a little time with the plants and flowers located outside your home can make a world of difference. Start by getting rid of any weeds, dormant greenery and dead leaves, and replace with brightly coloured flowers if you have the time to spend looking after them.

Alternatively, a few well-placed pot plants on the doorstep or a presentable trellis against a front wall will more than suffice when it comes to adding a bright and homely touch.

Show your Doors and Windows some Love

You can display all the pretty plant life you want – if your windows and doors are looking rough and unloved then it will all count for nothing. Any windows that aren’t double glazing will need replacing for aesthetic and practical reasons – any home with just single glazing will significantly drop in value.

Rotten window frames or peeling paintwork on doors will not give the right impression, so be sure to have these replaced or renovate them yourselves with a lick of paint.

Opt for uPVC windows and doors, providing a modern finish that will attract homebuyers while giving you the added benefits of improved safety and heat insulation.

Gutters and Drains

Similarly, neglected gutters and drainpipes also hint at deeper problems with the property. Keep all guttering free of dead leaves and debris, ensuring that rain water cannot overflow down the sides of your home and potentially cause ingress damage.

Any drains that have become blocked and foul smelling will need clearing – possibly by professionals if the issue is serious – to avoid any standing water.

Keep it Clean

It might sound simple, but nothing will give a worse first impression of your home than a messy or cluttered front garden. Get the broom out and sweep any paths, porches or patios, while a pressure washer should take care of any concreted areas.

Mowing an unkempt lawn is vital; nothing says neglect like knee-high grass, while trimming back overhanging branches will increase the feeling of space.

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