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Finding a Plot For Your Property

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New homes for sale and in the foreground a new house under construction.

New homes for sale and in the foreground a new house under construction.

A self build property can be one of the most satisfying projects you can ever undertake – not to mention one of the most complex. One of the main benefits of opting to bypass the standard housing market is that you are able to pick and choose the exact spot you’d like to make your home.

But finding the perfect plot for your property isn’t an easy task; it takes a lot of patience and there’s much to think about. That’s why we’ve put together this article looking at the considerations you should make when finding a plot for your new build.

Starting out

The question you’ll find yourself asking right from the beginning is ‘where do I start?’ There’s no blueprint for finding a plot of land in the UK, so you’ll have to prepare yourself for some thorough research and hard work to find the most suitable prospects.

As with many projects, the most fruitful starting point will be the internet. PlotSearch is a handy tool to start with, but there are also other methods you might want to try in conjunction.

If you already have your eye on a specific town or city, it helps to get to know the area intimately. You can survey the area in person, looking for potential sites that may be up for sale – or whose owners can be contacted with an inquiry – or you can contact local estate agents or surveyors.

Build relationships with local, independent agents and keep a chain of communication throughout your search. They may be able to give you a lead on a promising site, or get in touch with landowners on your behalf.

Are their any potential problems?

Roof Repair Maintenance Roofing

Finding land for a new build is unpredictable but certainly not impossible. You’re likely to run into at least a few barriers, and you might end up having to re-strategise or compromise to get what you want. England is filled with conservation areas and green belt land, so finding untouched plots that you can freely develop is a challenge.

Flexibility and perseverance is key when hunting for that prime location, much more so than when trawling the housing market. Price might be a major turn off for many, and so is the sheer amount of work you’ll need to put in, but this should be something you are prepared for from the start.

You might be set on finding a hidden gem of pristine land to build a dream house on, but you might end up running into a whole host of planning permission trouble. For some builds, buying to demolish can be preferable, particularly if you want to make use of permitted development rights in order to add an extension in the form of a conservatory, for example.

Planning permission and building regulations are the biggest barriers with purchased land, so if you have found a spot you’d like to take on, it’s always worth discussing your building rights with the local council or a building surveyor.

Seek advice

This tip is pertinent from the very beginning of your journey right through to the end. Often, the most valuable source of information is those who have been through the whole process before. Online communities of self builders and landowners can offer precious insight that you only obtain through experience, and can help you to navigate through all the potential pitfalls much easier than if you tried to go it alone.

Seek advice and build connections before you begin your search so you know exactly what to look out for, and then keep talking and asking as you get deeper into the process. When you do run into a snag or two, the support and advice of others can be a vital aid.

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