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Create your own Christmas grotto

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As the Christmas season approaches, you may well be looking for ways to create a fun and festive environment in your home. Since conservatories are such a multifunctional, cosy space, why not create your very own grotto and keep the whole family happy this festive season? With these handy tips, creating your very own Christmas grotto couldn’t be easier.


No winter wonderland would be complete without tons of twinkly lights to give the place a glow. Try wrapping strings of fairy lights around your furniture and draping them over hooks, hung pictures and door frames. Place lamps and candles around the room for an even cosier feel; being careful to practise fire safety at all times.


There are a variety of cheap but effective ways to make Christmas crafts to decorate your grotto. Get the kids involved, and set them to cutting, sticking and glitter glue-ing.

Paper snowflakes

This classic and simple decoration is easy to make yet looks extremely intricate, and can be hung from string or stuck on windows to create the feel of real snow falling around your grotto. Simply fold paper and cut in certain ways to create different shapes in your snowflakes.

Candy cane decorations

Buy some delicious candy canes for your grotto, and make them into decorations by looping festive ribbons around them and hanging them from your tree or other places in the conservatory.

Pine cone craft

Put pine cones you’ve collected on family walks to good use, and make them into hanging decorations for your grotto. Loop colourful ribbons through the pine cones, attaching gleaming jingle bells or plastic berries, and adorn your grotto with them. Alternatively, paint your pine cones in festive reds, greens and golds, and place them in bowls around the conservatory for all to see.

Cotton wool snow

To make your grotto look like it’s steeped in thick layers of fluffy snow, use swathes of cotton wool on your windowsills and surfaces to create a truly white Christmas. Cheap, simple and easy to clean up, this makes any room instantly festive.

Dress up

What’s a Christmas grotto without Santa? For your grotto to be a real success, we recommend you or one of your family members dressing up as Santa, with everyone else being his trusty elves and reindeer. Dressing up costumes are easy to buy from most supermarkets, or equally easy to make with some simple essentials and a bit of creativity.

At Windows Direct London, we know the importance of getting your home looking special for the festive season. With our double glazed, high quality windows, one of our conservatories will be the perfect spot to create a warm, cosy and glowing grotto for spreading Christmas cheer. Contact us today to find out more.

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