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Could living in a glass house boost your health?

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There have been recent developments in all-glass technology by both architects and scientists, allowing for The Photon Space – a house built from glass – to be created. The reasoning behind its creation lies heavily within the scientific acknowledgement that denotes the serious health benefits arising from this style of living.

Aiding health, mood and productivity, these buildings could be the answer to a number of simple issues that people experience with their health on a day-to-day basis. Houses tend to be built with bricks, concreting or even wood, none of which allow light to flood into your home. Windows are a necessity to allow any light in, but regular houses continue to be fairly dark naturally without the input of electric lighting, so the possibility of having a fully-lit house from a natural source is something that can only be imagined.

These buildings walls are made from high-performance, multi-layered glass, which is bonded to curved glass beams to create the ‘bones’ and shape of the house. The glass is fully transparent, which of course allows natural light to flood in. This glass blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet, meaning that those living within do not suffer the bad effects of UV rays such as the negative skin-ageing properties or eye damage.

With this continual exposure to the sun’s natural light, and the relevant protection against the potential dangers of regular contact with natural light, the health, mood and productivity of those within these homes will be significantly boosted. Scientific research has determined natural light to have incredibly beneficial effects for boosting the overall mood and subsequent happiness, productivity and wellbeing of those experiencing it.

Despite these considerable benefits for aspects such as health, there are considerations of practicality. It goes without saying that glass is not a practical material for anyone wishing for high levels of privacy. With its fully transparent properties, a building made from glass allows anyone from the outside world to be able to see in without difficulty. As well as this, keeping the glass clean is a full-time job; one that is not required in a regular brick house where there are only small areas of glass in the windows’ panels.

With these considerations in mind, it is unlikely that the future of construction will be centred around making buildings solely from glass, but it does provide food for thought within our ever-expanding world of construction. Simply by increasing the amount of natural light that is being let into your property, it is evident that serious benefits can be reaped by means of the health and productivity of those within; something which workplaces and commercial buildings could seriously use to their advantage when designing new spaces for their workforces or customers, thus spreading this technology outside of just a domestic setting.

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