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Conservatory Lighting Ideas

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A conservatory is a valuable addition to any home as it provides an effective transition between indoor and outdoor living, mainly due to the large amount of natural daylight which floods in through the expansive areas of glass. But as darkness falls, effective conservatory lighting is essential if the room is to be utilised to its potential – particularly during winter when daylight is restricted. The type of lighting that you choose will determine not only how the conservatory is used but also the mood that you create.

Using the Available Space

Wall lights are an effective option and are popular where there is limited roof space on which to mount ceiling lights. One of the advantages of this type of lighting is that wall lights are available in a seemingly unending array of colours, styles and materials, such as spotlights for directional light or uplighters which cast wide arcs of light into the roof space.

Contemporary Styles

If you decide that a modern uPVC conservatory is most suited to contemporary lighting styles, a number of options exist. One increasingly popular trend that is sure to impress your guests is walk-over lights which are inset in the surface of the floor. They don’t pose a trip hazard because they are flush with the floor and, rather than projecting dazzling beams of light skywards, they produce a more gentle light that illuminates the room from below rather than above. If you plan to incorporate these into your conservatory, bear in mind that the floor type must be compatible with walk-over lighting. Another option that conveys a sense of modern luxury is LED spotlights. While these are normally inset into a ceiling – an obvious problem when the ‘ceiling’ is constructed of glass – spotlight track systems are widely available as a viable alternative. These usually have an in-built transformer and therefore can be plugged into the domestic electricity supply, giving you greater flexibility to position the lighting as you desire. Remember to include power sockets in the plan of your conservatory at the design stage.

Eastern Culture

An attractive and gentle alternative is the use of paper lanterns to create a calm, relaxing ambience – particularly suitable for the conservatory when you want to unwind at the end of the day or as a contrast to the wild autumnal weather outside. Paper lanterns, which can be used with battery-powered LED bulbs, are available in a wide variety of colours, providing the perfect antidote to the neutral white of the uPVC frame. With their soft diffusion of the light you can create a homely, almost magical atmosphere easily, especially if you suspend them in clusters of contrasting colours and sizes around the conservatory. Although the lack of ceiling space may pose an initial problem when it comes to selecting lights for your conservatory, in fact it allows you to be more open-minded and experimental with your choices. With some careful planning and a little flexible thinking, creating an atmosphere which is peaceful and relaxing is quite achievable, making your conservatory the perfect place in which to unwind.

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