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Choosing interior doors

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When choosing an interior door, there are not only the considerations of function and practicality, but also the aesthetic and style they could bring to your space. What may seem like a small factor in decorating one’s home can even improve its value, making the choice one that may help with the ease of sale of your property should you decide to sell. Here, we help explain a little more about the different types of internal doors that exist on the market, giving you the information to help you decide which may be the right one for you and your home.


The central consideration to be made by homeowners choosing an internal door is, of course, what its function will be. This factor plays a huge part in which type of internal door you require. For example, if you require a fire door, there is a specific type of door that you need to install at your home. Another example may be a commercial premises such a restaurant or shop which may require a swinging door within the space.


Going hand-in-hand with functionality, the material of your internal door is something which should be thought over properly. Different types of material lend themselves to different requirements and aesthetics. The choices can include:

  • Real wood veneer, in which a thin layer of wood is adjoined to a layer below which is pressed onto a timber frame. Offering an affordable alternative to solid timber, this material also comes with the benefit of being less likely to split or warp whilst maintaining the attractive aesthetic of real wood.
  • Foil veneer, which has the look of real wood, creating an authentic appearance at an extremely affordable price.
  • Moulded wood fibres, which can look like traditional panel doors without the expense, and with better sound insulation.




Though functionality and material are important to consider from a practical approach to choosing an internal door, it is also wise to choose a style of door that will suit your property and fit into its existing style. The right door can create an attractive aesthetic, and pull an entire space together. For contemporary homes, opt for flush doors which, using veneers, uphold a sleek and minimal look. For more traditional homes, but also working in newer builds, real timber doors in oak or other traditional-looking woods can maintain a sense of heritage.


Here at Windows Direct London, we offer a wide variety of internal door types and styles to suit our customers’ individual requirements. Whatever style of door you require at your property, we guarantee to supply you with the solution you need at a competitive price. For more information on any of our products or services, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’ll be happy to help, whatever the enquiry.

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