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Casement windows or sliding sash windows?

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When it comes to choosing which style of window will work best in your home, there are a number of factors to consider. Coming in a number of shapes and sizes, different windows can be tailored to suit your specifications but it is worth knowing which type will work best for your space before embarking on the installation task. Casement and sliding sash windows are two of the most common window styles on the market today, and here we explain a little more about their advantages, and which type would work best in your property.

Casement windows

These windows are suitable for a number of modern developments, as well as refurbishments. They hold a whole host of benefits including the following:

  • they open either inwards or outwards, depending on your requirements, which allows them to offer excellent ventilation to homes
  • these windows will often have a friction hinge which holds them in place when they’re open
  • safe to open in wind due to the safety catch that holds them in place
  • lots of different looks can be created with casement windows, as they are available in a number of frames and with plain, leaded, or even Georgian style glass
  • very secure solution thanks to their locks being embedded in their frames
  • they are extremely energy efficient, saving homeowners money on their bills

Sliding sash windows

Sliding sash windows, unlike casement windows, are not attached by a hinge, instead sliding open – either up and down or side to side. They suit a number of period properties, and their benefits include:

  • a strong selling point for authentic, period properties that need smartening up as an extremely attractive solution
  • easy to open
  • can be opened just the amount you want depending on the weather or conditions
  • available in a number of different styles to suit your home’s period and style

Both these types of window are a great choice whether you live in a modern or period property, and can work whatever your budget, allowing you to achieve the exact look you want at your home.

Here at Windows Direct London, our dedicated team of experts are proud to supply a number of casement windows, offering the whole package right through from advice to installation, all at a great price. For more information, contact us today or pay us a visit at our showroom in Croydon and let our friendly team of experts provide you and your home with the right windows for you.

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