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Best Buy: Conservatories vs Extensions

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Extending your home is the ideal way to create more space for all the family to enjoy, whether it’s an additional living space, kitchen extension, or bedroom. What’s more, extending your existing home has the added benefit of increasing the value of your house if it goes on the market.

The debate of whether to opt for a conservatory or extension is worth considering, with several factors including cost and functionality potentially affecting your final decision. This article will help aide your decision on whether an extension or a conservatory will be the best option for your needs.

What are the advantages?

Untitled 5An extension will stay warmer year round, and provides a more structurally complete addition to your home than a conservatory. An additional benefit is that extensions provide the option for a one or two-storey extension, and will add significant value to your home.

Likewise, a conservatory can add value to your home, but only if high quality materials are used in its design. A conservatory is the ideal option if you want a light and airy space to act as a segue between your home and garden, and can serve a range of purposes from living areas to home offices.


When it comes to deciding between an extension or a conservatory, the cost of the conversion will often be one of the biggest contributing factors. A conservatory will be a far cheaper option than an extension, although the price difference will depend on how large your extension or conservatory is, and the quality of materials you use. If cost is a big factor for you, a conservatory is the better option for you, providing the same space and functionality without the price tag of an extension.

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Things to consider

It’s important to consider what function the room will serve when weighing up the pros and cons of conservatories and extensions. If you want a living space that can serve a range of uses, a conservatory provides the ideal cost-effective option, and encourages more natural light and air into your home. However, if you want an additional bathroom or bedroom, an extension may be a better option to ensure you receive adequate privacy.


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