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Are Bi-Folding Doors Really Worth the Investment?

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Bi-Folding doors are a popular addition for homeowners looking to add a modern touch to their home. Composed of several door frames that stack together with folding opening mechanisms, this design is a striking statement for home renovations.

However, due to their complex design, bi-fold doors can be a higher investment than other designs, leaving many homeowners unsure if they are willing to invest. We’ve outlined the pros to bi-folding doors, and some of the disadvantages to this design to help you make up your own mind.



Bi-fold doors provide the flexibility of opening just one door for added ventilation, or folding back all of them to completely access the outdoor area. This flexibility is a great feature, allowing homeowners better control of the temperature of their own home.

Uninterrupted view

When folded back, bi-fold doors provide a full, uninterrupted view of the outdoors, with no frames or glass blocking the view. For this reason, bi-fold doors can really boost the aesthetics of your home, providing a seamless, unrestricted segue between your garden and home.


Bi-folding doors make a stylish addition to homes from all eras; although typically seen in contemporary designs, they are an increasingly popular choice for traditional properties, or as a modern feature for extensions to period properties.

Versatile Size options

Bi-fold doors can be designed as tall or small as you like, with varying widths available to give you total control over your design. Whether you have a low-ceiling conservatory, or a new, contemporary home with tall walls to accommodate, bi-fold doors can be designed to suit you.


Bi-fold doors are provided double glazed and installed by our team with a perfect finish, ensuring that your home will not lose excessive heat in the Winter. Whilst windows do allow  more heat loss than walls, the benefits often outweigh the small loss of heat that can be countered with blinds or curtains.



Two common downsides seen to bi-folding doors include:

Less Privacy

Of course, a wall of windows provides significantly less privacy than a wall of bricks. If your home is overlooked by neighbours houses, you may feel uncomfortable at the thought of bi-folding glass doors allowing full view of your home.

However, there are ways to alleviate this problem, from heavy curtains to provide a cosy feel to your room and block out the outdoors when required, to chic venetian shutters that allow you total control over the level of privacy and light in your home.

More framework than sliding doors

In order to stack against each other so neatly, bi-folding doors will have more framework than other designs such as sliding doors. When closed, this will block some of the scenery of your garden, as opposed to the wider view sliding doors provide when closed.

The counter to this argument however, is that once opened, bi-fold doors provide a full, uninterrupted view of the outdoors, whereas sliding doors will still be blocking some of the view.

Whether you decide to invest in bi-fold doors, or an alternative option such as patio or sliding doors, our team at Windows Direct can help. We supply, install and maintain a range of bi-folding doors, fitted for the perfect finish in your home.

For more information, or to discuss obtaining your free quote, just give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.

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