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How to add value to your home

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With the economy feeling at its most settled for years, people are now making investments in their homes. The housing market still prevents some people from moving as they try to get back out what they put in initially, and one way is to make additions to what is already there through renovations that will add value.

When presenting your home to potential buyers, or anyone valuating your home, you can ensure that you show off these special features, whether they are obvious features or something that they may not have considered until it’s pointed out. In this article we have highlighted a few ways in which you might be able to add value to your home.


Some people choose to have a conservatory added to their home in order to create a new, expanded space in their garden, and despite the initial outlay it can increase the value of any property. You can use this room for a multitude of purposes, such as a staging area in summer for barbeques and parties, or a playroom for the kids to use – even a simple and relaxing space in which to put some chairs and unwind.

When you have your conservatory fitted you should ensure that you get double glazed windows as this protects the room from drawing in the cold air from outside. Your patio doors will also form an important part of the conservatory – elegant conservatories deserve an elegant set of doors to compliment them, so it pays to have fittings that match. This will all assist the flow and design of your addition, making it integrated and luxurious.

Double glazing

Touched on lightly in the previous point, double glazing can boost the saleability of your property. If your windows look worn or tired, then perhaps it’s time to update them, injecting some fresh life into the look of your home via fresh fittings. It’s critical to ensure you get the best energy rated windows, as this is part of the reason your home will improve in terms of value. The better an energy rating your home has, the more attractive it is to potential buyers as they know they won’t have to do anything to the property and they will also know the bills will be low.

Even if you don’t move then you will still make gains with double glazed windows – the lower bills will help to recoup the investment you make and you reduce your carbon footprint.

Loft windows

Often when people are trying to add value to a property, the first place they think about adapting is their loft. This is usually a space where junk is left to sit in darkness but a simple conversion, adding an extra room, can send the valuation of your home rocketing. A key factor to give consideration to, however, is the windows in a loft conversion; you must ensure that there in enough light let in but no heat escaping. Lofts are notorious for loosing heat, so when your roof is being insulated don’t forget about double glazed windows for the new room too.

Here at Windows Direct, we specialise in double glazing and conservatories, so get in touch today to find out how you could add value to your property.


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